We’re super excited to announce that Orenda Magazine is going to San Francisco as part of the Hacker Exchange! I’ll be leaving late November (straight after my 22nd birthday!) to spend two weeks in the Silicon Valley area.

There, I’ll be doing some workshops to improve Orenda, doing a Q&A with Google, making connections around San Francisco, pitching, and visiting ZenDesk, Stanford and the Golden Gate Bridge — among other things. I’ll also hopefully meet up with previous Orenda contributor Jon Talbot, who I haven’t seen since 2015 and am very excited to reunite with.

I met my fellow travellers today and it seems I’m in incredible company. It’s been a few stressful weeks trying to organise the logistics of a last-minute trip, but everything is finally sorted and confirmed and it’s time to get excited.

So now I’m looking for recommendations — if you’ve been to SF, where are the best places to go, people to see? Who should I meet with? We’re looking to gain contributors, stockists and advertisers, so please give your recommendations.

Of course, I’ll be keeping you updated along the way and in the leadup to the trip. Follow along on the Orenda Instagram and on my personal Instagram.

— Sophia x