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Art + Design Orenda Chats With

Papershrine: Orenda Chats with Beci Orpin, Spenceroni, Ellen Porteus + Brolga

Papershrine is a group exhibition showcasing a series of masks curated by renowned Sydney-based paper engineer Benja Harney and his Paperform team.

The collection features the works of both home-grown and international superstar creatives, personally handpicked to share their extraordinary skills by fashioning their pieces entirely out of paper.

On the opening night of Papershrine, Viv Hu of Orenda Magazine sat down with artists Beci Orpin, Spenceroni, Ellen Porteus and Brolga.

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Travel Work & Career

Bones & Bribir

The irony of experiencing total elation when fulfilling a lifelong dream is that it never
sounds as good when you try and explain it out loud. Happiness is such an inward emotion,
warming every inch of your soul until your cheeks ache from a permanent smile. I’m positive every pair of eyes currently reading this little entry is familiar with the feeling. Stay in that mindset as I attempt to transport you back to April, in the small township of Bribir in southern Croatia…

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Work & Career

Failure Should Be An Option

I think we live in a harsh and brutal time in society. We’ve grown up thinking “we must not fail, only success is rewarded”. I get it, we all want to do well and feel like we’ve achieved something. Our education system is set up like this: pass/fail. Or in university, we are awarded in numbers and classes of Honors. It’s hard to work against something that is subconsciously indoctrinated into us.

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