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Art + Design Orenda Chats With

Memory Banquet: Orenda Chats With Carla McRae

Carla spent her childhood obsessing over cartoons and pop culture. She recalls these images, now detached from their original plot, like works of art that have resonated deeply within. Embedded in her mind through repetition and obsession, years of watching and re-watching, and fantasising about flavours and textures, these humble vignetted meals have become more memorable than the narratives surrounding them.

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Art + Design Orenda Chats With

Colour in Our City: Orenda Chats With Tegan Iversen

Colour in our City is a series of hand-drawn black & white artworks by Essendon-based artist and illustrator Tegan Iversen. Each interactive artwork depicts a different scene from around Moonee Valley and are created to engage with the audience — each visitor to the exhibition is asked to literally “colour in our city”. Viv Hu sat down with Tegan to talk art, audience involvement and colouring outside the lines.

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Feminism Orenda Chats With

A Space For Solidarity: Orenda Chats With Mel O’Neill

A Space for Solidarity is a night for people to come together for an all-female line-up of music, in an intimate and supportive space. It’s to remember those who are no longer with us and to celebrate the strength and resilience of women.

Laura Roscioli spoke to Mel about her views on the current gender-violence issues being covered in the media, the power of music, and about inTouch, the organisation that the funds made will go to.

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Health + Wellbeing


Every year, R U OK Day rolls around in September. As someone who has been struggling with anxiety and depression since I was 14, I have very mixed feelings about it. I always feel like I should be more receptive to this day — that, as a society, we’re starting to talk more and more about mental health. That should be a good thing, right?

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