You may have seen her at Splendour in the Grass, Listen Out, Falls Festival, Beyond the Valley and Secret Garden. She’s supported TLC, Alison Wonderland, Steve Aoki, WhatSoNot, Post Malone, Peking Duk and George Maple. Now, Melbourne’s best party-starter has released her debut single, Bad Girls Know, promising that the party with MIMI is just getting started. Darcy Rock sat down with MIMI to chat Spice Girls, her creative process and WTFFFFF moments.

Tell us three things about yourself?

I love seeing people being happy and that my ‘job’ helps contribute to peoples happiness.

I wish I could travel back in time and be in my 20s in the 1970s for a little while and party at STUDIO 54 and dance on SOUL TRAIN and be a Go-Go dancer.

Growing up I was Posh Spice but now I am a combo of Scary and Ginger Spice.

Bad Girls Know film clip — MIMI

What was your inspiration behind Bad Girls Know?

I like songs that put you in the type of mood where you feel like a million dollars. It can be any genre, and style and any tempo. But the feeling of feeling good about yourself is what I wanted to capture. Being a ‘bad girl’ isn’t about being ‘evil’ — it’s about a Rihanna state-of-mind and a positive and gutsy attitude to loving yourself so fiercely. For me to get into that mood, it can be a faux-fur coat, diamontes, dancing in the mirror, having a sing-a-long, having fun with wigs. That’s what makes me happiest so my debut track is about those things which make me ready to take on the world. It was written in the car on the drive home from the session with the producer in about 30 minutes and there’s also references about cars and driving in your own lane and having the drive to create the life you want to live and things you wanna achieve. It’s about being unapologetically fabulous. Bad Girls Know how to have a good time.

You directed the music video for Bad Girls Know — what was your favourite part about doing that?

The best part is that everything you see on screen (the energy, the good vibes) that was all real and happening when the camera WASN’T rolling. Even better – the girls in the clip didn’t know each other and within 5 minutes of trying on each other’s clothes, putting on wigs and opening a bottle of champagne – the connection was just incredible. Everyone was feeling themselves and giving me 200% so giving direction was so easy – I felt so supported! I love having creative control over my vision and being in the Director and Editors seat. A dream come true is MTV playing the clip!

What is your creative process like for songwriting, mixing and producing?

A lot of the time I find driving in the car to instrumental demos singing along (the way Bad Girls Know was written) works well for me. I come from a background as a musician with a jazz degree, so I’m very musical. I don’t have major skills on the computer/production side of things but I’ll work with producers who make my ideas come to life. I usually come in with very strong musical direction, references and have lyrics, melody, chord progressions everything ready to go and the technical side of things I work with a producer but am very hands-on with.

Bad Girls Know film clip — MIMI

Can you tell us about a ‘wow’ moment in your career so far?

There have been so many incredible artists I’ve been able to open for including TLC, Alison Wonderland, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars afterparties, Peking Duk – it’s always so nice when someone will come up and say they have listened to your song / your mixes etc. and positively impacted someone’s life. This week in particular, has been a huge WOW moment as I found out I’ll be touring the country with Nicki Minaj on the FOMO Festival line up. I definitely used WTFFFFF instead of WOW when I found out hahaha. also having my song played 4 times on Triple J this week was a really huge moment for me as a self-managed artist.

What do you do pre-show to amp up?

It doesn’t really take me much to get amped up – I’m very much an ON person a lot of the time. I also have a lot of clothing which puts me in that mood and it can be as simple as putting on a cowboy hat and dancing around for 5 mins before leaving the house that can do it instantly.

What is on your Bad Girls playlist?

Too many to name but it would include Spice Girls, Rihanna, Charli XCX, M.I.A, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Kylie, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani.

What is the rest of 2018 looking like for MIMI?

I’m currently working on my live show which I hope to be like a huge arena spectacular in a small capacity room. The type of party where you’re having way too much fun to be scrolling on your phone. I also have lots of music I’m working on and have a lot of film clips concepts in mind and look forward to editing and directing them too. The Party with Mimi is just getting started.

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Interviewed by Darcy Rock.