To breathe: to take air into the lungs and then to expel it.

You breathe before you are born. It’s not something we think about often, but it is a silent mechanism of life that allows you to exist in the world… perhaps it deserves more of our attention. It is both exceptionally simple and powerfully complicated. Breathing keeps us alive, it keeps the airflow in our lungs pumping, our swollen hearts beating, our minds at ease. But breathing can also be cause for distress. Fear. Anxiety. Illness.

The conversation of breathing seems to only come up at times like these, the negative experiences we have that cause for worry. We should consider it more throughout the positive experiences of our lives, those moments where you stop, take a breath, and are happy to be where you are.

It is both exceptionally simple and powerfully complicated.

In 2017, Alyson Murray wrote a song about breathing. As soon as I heard it, I thought of the ocean. Rolling waves, foaming as they crashed into rocks like the froth on a European cappuccino. I thought of bluey-grey skies, cold crisp wind, pure and fresh with its intentions. I felt myself standing in this landscape, the wind blowing through my hair and a true sense of calm over my entire body. This is the breathing I know. This is the feeling the music made me feel. With gospel vocals, jazz vibes and a beautiful, rolling melody, Alyson’s music transports you to another world.

With the help of Lachlan Wright, Christopher Olivier, Moshe Topol, Christian Mercuri, Jessica Peele and — of course — Alyson Murray… Breathe the music video was made.