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Announcement: HEX 2018

We’re super excited to announce that Orenda Magazine is going to San Francisco as part of the Hacker Exchange! I’ll be leaving late November (straight after my 22nd birthday!) to spend two weeks in the Silicon Valley area. There, I’ll…

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How to Travel from Home

Well my friends, strap yourselves into an imaginary economy class seat, find some cheap wine and a slightly uncomfortable beanbag headrest ‘thingo’ and internationalise yourself.

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Bones & Bribir

The irony of experiencing total elation when fulfilling a lifelong dream is that it never
sounds as good when you try and explain it out loud. Happiness is such an inward emotion,
warming every inch of your soul until your cheeks ache from a permanent smile. I’m positive every pair of eyes currently reading this little entry is familiar with the feeling. Stay in that mindset as I attempt to transport you back to April, in the small township of Bribir in southern Croatia…

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