Breathe Music Video Release

In 2017, Alyson Murray wrote a song about breathing. As soon as I heard it, I thought of the ocean. Rolling waves, foaming as they crashed into rocks like the froth on a European cappuccino. I thought of bluey-grey skies, cold crisp wind, pure and fresh with its intentions.

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Feminism Orenda Chats With

A Space For Solidarity: Orenda Chats With Mel O’Neill

A Space for Solidarity is a night for people to come together for an all-female line-up of music, in an intimate and supportive space. It’s to remember those who are no longer with us and to celebrate the strength and resilience of women.

Laura Roscioli spoke to Mel about her views on the current gender-violence issues being covered in the media, the power of music, and about inTouch, the organisation that the funds made will go to.

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