A white hand is above the covers of a white duvet. The duvet has a black squiggly pattern

Even the most self-motivated of people can get caught up in aimless scrolling through Instagram or the latest Netflix binge. Sometimes money isn’t enough to get the fire burning under your ass and get the things done.

I recently read “Get Your Shit Together” by Sarah Knight. Would highly recommend. She has this crazy idea that involves lists (I love lists so I was on board already):

Step 1: Write out every single thing you think you need to get done (which I agree is overwhelming)

Step 2: From that list, create another one that takes your brain vomit and structure it into priority formation. From that point, you figure out pretty damn quickly that the stuff at the top of the list is the shit that needs to get done ASAP.

Even with your now-excellent list situation, it sometimes still feels like looking down the barrel of a gun, as opposed to the shining yellow brick road to self-fulfilment and achievement. There are a few things at play here:

  1. You are actually lazy and don’t want to do it.
  2. You hella don’t want to do the thing but feel like you should.
  3. You want to do the thing but conditions aren’t right.

You know what? It’s ok if you’re lazy. But be an adult and admit it — don’t wax BS lyrical about not having enough time in the damn day. Just suck it up and say “You know what, I CBF’d”. Have no shame!

I know we all feel pressure to do everything from social gatherings to sorting your bookshelf, but you should really assess if you actually have to do it. Chances are you probably don’t, and you’ve been putting all this weight on this one thing that really means squat.

If your conditions aren’t right then damn son, make them right. I know I work really well at 4am because I’m not awake enough for my brain to evoke negative self-talk until at least 7am. Get a plan together and go go go.

If you find you’re still not getting through your to-do list, brutally question yourself. Figure out the root of why you’re not getting things done, instead of palming them off to “lack of time” or the ever-trending idea of “stressed”. Band-Aid solutions aren’t going to fix your laziness or poor time management issues. Nutting out your core truth will shake down your to-do list quicker than a failed game of Jenga.