Orenda is a forward-thinking, go-getting, intersectional, eclectic and kick-ass independent Australian magazine.

Orenda is primarily aimed at 17-25 year old women and non-binary people who are searching for down-to-earth, pragmatic content that reflects their diverse identities and interests. Previously, we’ve had articles on subjects such as feminism, pop culture, TV/movies, music, relationships, business, history, travel and more.

We were first established in 2014, when Sophia created Issue One for a Year 12 Major Design Project. We took a year off, then decided to continue it, launching Issue Two digitally in February 2016. For our third Issue, we decided to start printing.



Team & Contributors

Orenda consists of a regular Team, as well as one-off and repeat Contributors. Want to join them?


Orenda is currently in nine stockists across Victoria, NSW and Queensland.